The objective of this research was to identify the economic efficiency of one of the productive projects in Karbala Governorate, namely Al Ali Poultry Farm for meat production (2013-2017). The data for the evaluation process were collected through the personal interview with the field owner. The results of the evaluation showed that the field enjoys good economic efficiency through a comparison with the poultry farm Adnan al-Husani in Wasit governorate, which proved the efficiency of the economic field by comparing some of the criteria used in the evaluation process, Despite the economic efficiency enjoyed by the field, the rate of productivity was fluctuated during the period of research and the exploitation of design energy significantly because of the proportion of birds dead, as well as the problem of continuous rise in the prices of inputs production, which affects the field profitability of the field and this problem requires intervention The State through the support provided to these productive projects, which contribute to the revitalization of the economic reality in the city of Karbala in particular and Iraq in general.

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