Studies related to the industrial sector are of great importance to economic researchers in developed and developing countries, because it is an important aspect in scientific progress and economic and social development. In addition, the possibility of developing and preparing it to be the largest contribution between the sectors, because of this sector of the front and back links with the rest of the sectors.

It is also qualified to attract and absorb modern technologies, which will raise the level of productivity and thus contribute to the achievement of economic growth, not to mention that the development of this sector contributes to the creation of new jobs and the development of technical capabilities of workers while establishing a technical base for the country.

The process of evaluating economic performance is one of the most important stages of the project to upgrade the plan through the performance evaluation process in order to identify the deviations that may appear as a result of implementation, as the performance evaluation process is one of the methods that focuses on the facility or economic unit by comparing It was completed during the current year with last year, where the performance evaluation process is one of the most important stages of the planning process after the development of plans in order to reach the objectives set then comes the follow-up process of the performance evaluation process is the final stage of planning.

The research stems from the hypothesis that the objective and subjective conditions of Al-Joud Chemical Industries are conducive to exploiting its available material and human resources and its production capacities.The criteria for evaluating performance efficiency contribute to the determination of the performance of the company whether it is efficient in using those resources.

The most important conclusions reached by the researcher that the total productivity reached (0.044) dinars in 2016 rose to (0,068) dinars in 2017 due to the increase in the value of production by more than the elements of production, while the total productivity in 2018 (0,108) dinars, because of the high The value of production and thus we conclude that the increase in the value of production under the stability or increase costs by less will be reflected in the increase in productivity, and saw net profit fluctuated during the period of research amounted in 2016 (44991909) dinars rose in 2017 to (65887267) dinars, due to the high value Production increased by more than the total cost value, in 2018 was net Profit in generosity Company (25205201) dinars registered decline from the previous year due to rising costs by value greater than the rise in revenue.

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