Commercial banks represent an essential pillar in the economy because of their significant role in achieving progress and development for the country. In the midst of the transformations that Iraq witnessed after 2003 and the trend towards a market economy, the financial markets in Iraq began to take a greater role than before in order to provide the necessary financial resources for the development process Economic. Commercial banks have endeavored to occupy a privileged position in the financial markets through their inclusion in the market, and in this context the research seeks to evaluate the financial performance of the Development and Finance Bank during the period 2015-2018 to identify its financial conditions and evaluate them and know the extent of what has been achieved from success, in addition to identifying points The strength and weakness of the bank. The results of the analysis of the financial performance evaluation indicators showed that there is an average performance of the bank during the period 2015-2018 due to the violence and instability that Iraq was exposed to that led to the suspension of the bank’s activity for a long time.

Key words: evaluation of financial performance, Iraqi Bank for Finance and Development, indicators of financial performance evaluation


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