Prof. Dr. Fadel Musa Hassan Al-Malki

Isra Nizam al-Din Hussein al-Tai

College of Administration and Economics – Karbala University



Islamic banks are seen as legitimate financial institutions received attention by researchers and writers are just different aspects defined. as financial devices to attract the diverse resources of the members of the community and the main employers employ them productive. They are also banking financial institutions collect financial resources and employ them in meaningful economic areas. There are reasons led to the emergence of Islamic banks in Arab countries, including religious reason, such as the prohibition of usury and economic reason to move away from interest …………….. etc.                                   

The financial stability is an important indicator in the work of banks mechanism in

general, including the Islamic banks is to avoid the occurrence of financial crises as well as the efficiency of financial and economic resources and geographical distribution, also known as a situation where the institutions enjoying the financial sector a great deal of confidence in their ability to continue to perform tasks without the need to external assistance .olh indicators such as assets and liabilities, credit and deposits, private capital and reserves, interest rates and investment ….. and other Almahrat . oicom the ingredients of which control and supervision, stability and economic control prudential and financial regulations and financial disclosure and cooperation between banking supervision devices. A set of mechanisms and controls that maintain financial stability, including that the bank raises a lot of solutions to get out of any crisis even reached financial stability and also requires the construction is based on the rules and provisions of Islamic Sharia away from the usury system. Prevent blocs that lead to damage and injustice to the community and learn about the market conditions and the fact that prices by regulating mediation standards ….. and other controls.                                                                                            

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