The Research Objective Of Main Is To Determine The Nature Of The Relationship Between The Work Ethics And  Emotional Exhaustion , Based On A Basic Problem Identified By Several Questions Including The Extent Of Understanding The Influential Relationships Between The Variables At The Field Level, The Work Ethics Variable Was Measured Based On The Model (Abraheem, 2010) Which Consists Of Four Dimensions (Activities Ethics, Individual Ethics, Leadership Ethics, Organizational Infrastructure Ethics), The Adoption Of A Model (Demerouti et al. ,2010) To Measure The Emotional Exhaustion, A One-Dimensional Variabl, Some Private Schools In Karbala Governorate Were Chosen As Research Fields Through A Questionnaire Distributed To (210) Members Of Their Teaching Staff, Was Done Use Of Confirmatory Factor Analysis , A Set Of Measures Of Statistical Descriptive , Rank Correlation Coefficient (Spearman), Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) , , These Methods Have Been Used By Statistical Software (SPSS  ; Amos), The Research Has Reached Several Conclusions, The Most Important Of Which Is That Work Ethics Has An Effective Role In Reducing The Emotional Exhaustion Of Teaching Staff In The Schools Searched. The Research Concluded With A Number Of Appropriate Recommendations.                  

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