Abstract  he current research  aims to understand strategic orientation represented by (orientation towards market , entrepreneurial orientation and orientation towards technology) of private banks in the central and southern governorates on organizational ambidexterity , in order to achieve the  research objectives , many private banks were selected in the central and southern governorates   ( Baghdad , Wasit , Babylon , Karbala , Diwaniyah , Thi Qar , Misan and Basrah).  The research adopted questionnaire as a tool to gather the required data to complete and achieve the sough objectives . (162) questionnaires were distributed and ( 152 ) forms valid for analysis were obtained , on managers , vice presidents and department heads in private banks in the governorates mentioned above . The research used many statistical methods, for example, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, and simple and multiple linear regression coefficients. The result display there is significant positive correlation between strategic orientation and organizational ambidexterity. And there is positive influence relation between strategic orientation and organizational ambidexterity

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