Quality control chart are used on the  qualitative characteristics of the produced material and decision-making on the course of the production process at every stage of the production, this is done through the sample (Views) drawn at random from the total production. Control panels belong to the scientist Shewhart which used classic style in composition and taking the decision. The research aims to form a new quality control panel through several variables reflect the quality of material produced, taking into account the impact of the existing relationship between these variables upon the quality of the material produced using multivariate statistical technique which is stand  against the Shewhart panel for the individual value. As research aims to show any of the two panels Hotelling  Normal panel,  and T2 main quantitative composition panel, are more efficient and accurate for discovering the divination by using these two panels. Search problem contains the Panel control dependent on one variable (or one property) reflect the quality of the matter, but in fact there are many products can not control their quality based on one variable, this is a weakness point of this panel. It was an application on  chart and Hotelling chart Depending on the key corresponding compounds based on the examination of the electric Water pumps.  It was found that chart is the best compound key because it does not take into account the impact of existing interconnection between variables. Because the key compounds reduce the link between variables

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