(A comparative study between the industrial and banking sectors in Basra Governorate)

أ.د.عبد الرضا فرج بدراوي

Prof. Abdel-Reda Farag


كلية الإدارة والاقتصاد / جامعة البصرة


م.د.رشا مهدي صالح

M. Rasha Mahdi Saleh


كلية الإدارة والاقتصاد / جامعة البصرة                                                                          



The Study aim to find relationship between the Quality of life for in its dimensions(Decision-Making Participation,Wages&Incentives,Job Satisfaction,and Work Life Balance), and its impact on the dependable variable the Intellectual Capital in its components(Human capital, Structural capital and Relational capital).The study adopted a program descriptive and analysis, the questionnaire user as a basic tool for data collect, formation sample study form(321 ) employees in the Industrial sector and Banks sector, and use many tools statistics as Means, Standards deviation, Coefficient of Variation, and Simple linear regression  In assistance the ready program(SPSS.).The study find to being correlation and impact for Quality of life on intellectual capital and introduce numeral from recommendations.

Key Words: Quality of Work Life, the Intellectual Capital, Human capital, Structural capital, Relational capital.



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