An experimental study in government banks in Najaf

M. Wael Hatem Nasser

Southern Technical University / Basra Technical Institute

Researcher Karar Fadel Al-Saeedi

Southern Technical University / Administrative Technical College


The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationships between self-regulated strategy, and Self-reinforcement in Government Banks at the province of Najaf. The study sample is the employees of Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank. The importance of this research based in bridging the knowledge gap associated with the understanding of the behavioral and cognitive human element within business organizations, By using the random sample was distributed (250) questionnaire and the number of questionnaires recovered (213) Questionnaire and the questionnaires were usable (196) Questionnaire. A rate in response estimates (78%), the study results on the existence of a knowledge gap in the interpretation of the nature of the relationship between the current research variables, while the practical results of the research confirm the existence of a direct effect combines self-regulation

strategy the dependent variable self- reinforcement in the sample search.

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