An analytical study of the opinions of a sample of workers in the Holy Karbala Health Department

m . nughm dayikh eabd eali
Karbala University / College of Administration and Economics
M . M . Abeer Muhammad Mahdi
Karbala University / College of Tourism Sciences


This research addressed the role which  play change  resistance  in  Entreprenurial  orientation  , The   rapidly development  in   economical , political ,technological and etc , imposes on business organizations makes several of continuous changes both in organizational structure and business activities, conversely this change may be resistance . The  problem’s  research expressed  in  questions  about  range  of  effect change  resistance  and  it’s  dimensions  in  Entreprenurial orientation  within simple  from employees  in  holy kerbala health directorate , The  research  aims  to  achieve  some  of  goals  according  to  the main and  sub  hypothesis  , and  used  questionnaire  to collect  data  and  information  about  this  simple  , which  distrebuted  on simple  formulate  in  { 30}  persons included  staff  { employee , division   manager  and  department   manager who  works  in  this  directorate, and  for  process  this  data  used  several  statistical  methods  and  represented  by  a factor  of  linear  correlation  of  pearson  {  pearson   correlation  }  as  well  as  linear  regression .

The  statistical  methods  shown  a number  of  results  from  the  most  prominent  is having  a significant  effect  between  change  resistance  and  Entreprenurial  orientation  . In  the  light  of  discussion the  results  showed  the big  importance  to  change  resistance  and  Entreprenurial  orientation concepts,  This  will need  more care from the directorate in change resistance because it’s effect in  Entreprenurial orientation .

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