The purpose of the research is to explore the effect relationship between variables that have received a lot of intellectual controversy by researchers are (Smart production, organizational Proactive), as the researchers sought to try to determine the impact of smart production as an independent variable through its dimensions (cognitive intelligence, operational technological intelligence, smart manufacturing environment Operational Environmental Intelligence) in achieving organizational proactive as a dependent variable through its dimensions (proactive behavior of workers, strategic behavior, orientation toward competitors), the research problem was represented by an important question: Is it possible to achieve organizational Proactive through the influence of Smart production? The importance of research is a serious attempt to highlight the role of smart production as one of the most important foundations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution aimed at highlighting the role of the capabilities of the human element in enhancing the capabilities of productive systems to achieve proactive organizations, and the goals of the research are keen to deepen understanding of the importance of industrial organizations keen to research towards a shift towards approach Proactively anticipating and fulfilling customer desires in order to anticipate other competitors in light of the intense competition in the market. To this end, five cement factories were chosen for Iraq (Kar, Al-Doh, Bazian, Al-Mas, and Tasluja).

A number of statistical methods and programs were used, including (Excel, Spss, Smart PLS), and the research came out with a number of conclusions, the most important of which was the presence of a significant effect of smart production in achieving organizational proactive. Underlying customer requirements.

Keywords: Smart production, organizational Proactiveness, Private cement industry organizations.

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