The present study aims to test the relationship between the variable (factors influencing the choice of the plant site) and the variable (competitive advantage). The researcher has reached the relationship of influence and correlation and tested between the variables of the study, and this was through the reliance on the contributions of a group of specialized researchers and careful studies, which dealt with the variables of the study. The study was applied in the practical side in the General Company for Rubber Industries and tires (Babil tires factory) (145) members of the senior and middle management, and (122) were valid for analysis, and then analyzed the data obtained through the study tool using a number of statistical tools to reach the results related to Among these tools (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, response intensity, T test, simple correlation coefficient, simple and multiple regression analysis). The results of this study proved that the hypotheses that were formulated by the researcher were incorrect. In the light of the results, a set of conclusions and recommendations were put in place to enhance the factors influencing the selection of the factory site to achieve a unique competitive advantage for the organization in question and other organizations in general. Conclusions There is a problem with the organization in obtaining raw materials because of its distance from sources of raw materials. The most important recommendations are that the plant should benefit from the proximity of the main transport routes, which in turn may reduce the cost and thus affect the factory in achieving a competitive advantage.

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