Abstract :

 The objective of the research was to analyze the strategic agility in enhancing the relationship between Absorptive Capacity and Organizational Ambidexterity in application in a sample of mobile operators in Iraq. In order to achieve this, the Absorptive Capacity for knowledge dimensions (Acquisition, Acquisition, Conversion, and Application) based on (Jansen,2005). The strategic agility dimensions (strategic sensitivity, collective commitment, and resource flow) based on (Doz & Kosonen,2008) were adopted, While the Organizational Ambidexterity (exploratory creativity and exploitative creativity) was adopted based on (Jansen,2005). Has been selected Companies of Mobile communications in Iraq )Asia Cell, Zain Iraq, Korek Telecom, Alkafeel Omnnea and Iraq Cell) within the Middle Euphrates as well as the capital Baghdad to test this research by means of a questionnaire form as a key tool in collecting field survey data for the current research, (169) managers of companies and heads of departments and divisions, as well as the managers of companies that have obtained exclusive agencies from them. The correlation coefficient was used (Pearson) to measure the correlation between variables, Factor Confirmation Analysis, (R2) was also used to interpret the effect of independent variables in the dependent variable. One of the most important conclusions of the research is that strategic agility plays an intermediate role that strengthens the relationship between Absorptive Capacity in achieving Organizational Ambidexterity and affects it effectively and morally through the superior capabilities of the strategic agility of the organizations that helped them sustain their competitiveness and superiority over their competitors due to a strong effect (Absorptive Capacity) in Organizational Ambidexterity.

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