An analytical study of the opinions of workers in private banks in the city of Diwaniyah

teacher. Shehab Ahmed Ahmed

Al-Qadisiyah University / College of Administration and Economics / Department of Business Administration 



  The aim of current research to identify the role of TMT behavioral integration in reducing the phenomenon of Organizational Anomie among employees of the private banks in Diwaniyah. Sample was selected of (42) employees who are working in the private banks in Diwaniyah (research community) Comprehensive inventory method. and formulated hypotheses main in collect data that has been processed in accordance with a set of descriptive statistical methods and evidentiary. The research found a set of the most important results and the existence of TMT behavioral integration in  private banks in Diwaniyah as well as a statistically significant relationship between the dimensions of TMT behavioral integration and organizational Anomie, It also presented research a number of recommendations at private banks (currently operating) in Diwaniyah.

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