The research dealt with the analysis of the relationship between the internal marketing dimensions (the independent variable) namely (training, teams, employee empowerment, motivation, internal communication) and the competitive advantage (the adopted variable) according to their dimensions (cost, quality, flexibility, delivery) The internal role is important in accepting and making significant changes within the bank in raising profits or using sophisticated technology or other major changes. At the same time, organizations should focus on competitiveness and focus on internal marketing components to motivate, motivate and develop employees. Achieve the best and competitive advantage of the organization’s ability, characteristics, attributes, skills and information given by internal strength to differentiate competitors by responding to customer values ​​and needs of goods and services. For the purpose of achieving the objectives of the research, hypotheses were established that determine the nature of the relationship between the dimensions of the independent variable and the variable adopted as preliminary answers, The questionnaire was used as a main tool in collecting data related to the field. The study included a sample of (72) managers of branches, units and sections of banks and the research reached a set of conclusions and recommendations           

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