The aim of this study is evaluation the role of using the (Six sigma) in achieving the organizational activity. And to reach this goal, a hypothesis was studied and evaluated about the relationship between different variables. The (six sigma) applied on the present study as a constant variable with a five important different dimensions included (control, analysis, improvement, definition and measurement). In addition to another six dimensions represent the variable that determine the achievement of organizational activity and include (academic improvement of students, career improvement of students, personal improvement of students, the academic staff work improvement, the administrative and academic staff agreement and the openness to community). A questionnaire was applied by (35) academic lecturer and included (59) sections. Data analysis was obtained by (SPSS) program. the present study concluded that the academic committee show an agreement with importance of using the (six sigma) in achieving the organizational activity within the academic community.


time management, facilitate the work requirements, time planning, time organization, time direction and time observation, new procedures, clear procedures, short procedures, the available information and the simplicity of the methods used .  

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